The Future of Learning is Now

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“The future belongs to those who prepare for it.” – Malcolm X

The world is evolving rapidly, but many educators and learning providers are struggling with how to deal with this and how to best prepare our students for their future, as active citizens, and as lifelong learners.

How do we evolve our learning experiences to promote lifelong learning, to provide valuable and engaging learning experiences that embrace the physical, virtual and social elements in the seamless way that learners expect?

Large investments are being made in creating new learning environments and renewing approaches to curriculum and learning experiences, but many are struggling with how to inform requirements and to engage with transformation effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

Alongside this, many struggle to imagine the future that we are shaping, and therefore the possibilities this will bring, whilst embracing the responsibilities and considerations this brings, such as privacy, security and the requirements to ensure active citizens in society and in learning.

Research has shown that many of our citizens of all ages lack the skills to engage digitally, through a lack of digital literacy, media literacy, and information literacy to ensure awareness, resilience, cultural competence and importantly, safety and privacy across these environments.

How can we support you?

Engaging learning experiences require innovative thinking, supported by effective and efficient physical, virtual, and social learning environments.

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Why go ‘Back to the basics’? Learners need the ‘new basics’

There has been a re-invigoration of a rhetoric for ‘Back to the basics’ recently, led by NAPLAN and PISA results, in NSW and across Australia. This term is meant to place a focus on the ‘basics’ of literacy and numeracy, that have propelled learners from the...

Selection and Succession

Selection and Succession:Challenges for (Current and Emerging) School Leaders Merit should provide the basis for all promotion and recruitment. Kaplan and Owings in their book, Introduction to the Principalship, Theory to Practice (2015) correctly assert that a highly...

Workplace or Learning Place?

“Most continuing learning takes place informally in workplaces. Employer-provided training has a greater marginal effect on workers’ continuing skill development” Are we failing to provide continuing development that is engaging? personalised? and actually needed?...

Growth mindset for curriculum in the age of innovation

A key intention of our education system is to prepare them to be successful, engaged members of society we need to start by considering the applicability of our curriculum and it’s delivery to both society and workplaces.  With this in mind, consider:  Do you enter...

Effective approaches to reopening schools – international examples and lessons

Worldwide, teachers, parents, students, and governments are grappling with how to provide ‘schooling’ to over one billion students. There is great disparity between the measures put in place locally and internationally – from business as usual, to finishing school for...

Assessing technology enhanced assessment

To transform learning and teaching, we must start by transforming assessment, feedback and reporting.There is considerable potential for multimedia technologies to make feedback richer and more personal and for a wider range of learner skills and attributes to be...

A Report Revolution

   The COVID-19 pandemic provides the chance for educational reforms that will set Australian students and teachers up with a passion for life-long learning. The reverberations now provide us with the opportunity to reinvigorate the assessment and reporting policy...

Changing nature of school Leadership in a time of crisis

Leadership growth in crisis  “only a crisis … produces real change.” Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist   In any crisis, leadership determines destiny. This is exemplified in a pandemic, where the fate of the world is literally on the line....
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