About Me

I am Kathleen Donohoe, a leading authority on The Future of Learning, supported by physical, virtual and social learning environments.

I have a learner centric focus and I am driven by effective approaches to physical, virtual and social learning environments. I identify and solve for current and emerging opportunities leading with a growth mindset, innovative approach and foundations based in research, evidence, data and analytics.

Passionate about humanising learning to drive engagement, my vision is the Future of Learning to offer an abundance of current and emerging learning opportunities available to everyone – in their preferred environment across their lifespan.

I influence global organisational, governance and political decisions to benefit all learners, not just students, to ease a collective fear of the rapid technological, information and neurological advances supporting the Future of Learning.

As an internationally recognised Keynote Speaker and Panelist, I understand the power and responsibility the Learning and Education Management industries have, and my role in engaging and influencing The Future of Learning.

I bring 20 years global experience in Learning and Education Management, across many educational and professional organisations, I have a sound education to Masters level in Interactive Teaching Technologies, and is an Honorary Research Fellow – ILETC, MGSE, University of Melbourne.


Leading Thinking International 2020

Founder and Director

Established ‘Leading Thinking International’ consultancy providing education services, including research and project leadership. Working with international, national and state governments and education organisations to establish the policy and process frameworks for the development and support of schools and educational bodies in the planning, transition, operational readiness, escalated support for occupancy and post occupancy evaluation across physical, virtual and social learning space.

Operations Advisory (Education) 2018-2020

20 KPMG Associate Director

Collaboratively created blueprints that allowed educational agencies to streamline future physical and digital transformation projects by building on an understanding through real-world projects incorporating flexibility, discipline, sustainability, stakeholder engagement, communication, persistence, problem-solving skills and my desire to keep learning and to provide fresh innovative thinking and build trust in a client’s context.

Futures Learning NSW Department of Education 2016-2018


Provided state-wide leadership and strategic direction for the completion and implementation of the Futures Learning Reform Program including identifying and sharing effective innovative practice, professional learning to support innovative learning environments, thinking skills and action-based learning. This suite of support tools was designed to transform the innovative mindset across 2,200 NSW Government schools, ensuring outcomes are best practice, on time, within budget and supported the preparedness of students for an ever-changing future.

University of Sydney 2011-2016

Learning Space Manager

Leadership of the learning space agenda and management of 1200 general and specialist teaching spaces to meet current and emerging learning and teaching requirements across diverse faculties and context, ensuring professional learning opportunities through orientation sessions and workshops. Developed and gained approval of standards, metrics and reporting tools for accountable planning, modelling and decision making, across current provision, new builds and refurbishments through influence and negotiation.

“Kathleen took our inhouse training to the next level in less than four months!”

Foghlaim Pty Ltd ACN 639 129 481 trading as Leading Thinking International ABN 20579393428

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